Smoked Chicken

Chicken Apple

Image of Chicken Apple
This sausage is light and delicious, the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Real chunks of real apple and hints of cinnamon and sage make our Chicken Apple Sausage the best you can buy.

Garlic Chicken

Image of Garlic Chicken
This is an invigorating blend of chicken, garlic, and roasted bell peppers. We use fresh heirloom Monviso garlic and joined it with a select blend of our savory spices and real provolone cheese. It is then lightly smoked with real hickory wood chips to produce a fantastic link second to none.

Fresh Uncooked Sausage

  • Breakfast Pork Links
  • Hot Italian Sausage
  • Maple Breakfast Pork Links
  • Mild Italian Sausage

Linguica & Chorizo

  • Linguica Portuguese Sausage
  • Mexican Chorizo
  • Spanish Chorizo

Smoked Chicken

  • Chicken Apple
  • Garlic Chicken

Specialty Sausage

  • Andouille
  • Irish Style Bangers
  • Italian Style Meatballs
  • LA Hot Links
  • Maple Chicken Sausage
  • Old Fashion Hot Dogs
  • Smoked Italian Sausage