Silva Sausage Gourmet Products

Linguica Portuguese Sausage


Silva’s award winning Linguica is still made with the traditional Portuguese recipe that began the company in 1967. Using a blend of wine vinegar, various spices, and Silva’s unique Hickory smoke processing has made this sausage one of our top sellers. Silva’s Linguica has a milder flavor and can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Organic Chicken Spinach Roasted Garlic Asiago Sausage


This link starts with the perfect organic ingredients; chicken, tender spinach and roasted Gilroy garlic. Then we mix in creamy Asiago cheese and the perfect blend of spices to make this sausage delicious. Perfect with pasta lightly tossed in olive oil and garlic. This sausage is also great sliced on top of flatbread for appetizer bites!

Bourbon, Uncured Bacon & Black Pepper Sausage

Silva Sausage Buron New Product Image

A splash of Bourbon, deliciously smoky uncured bacon, and freshly cracked black pepper make this sausage BIG on flavor. Bold and smooth at the same time, we use all natural*, no antibiotics, vegetarian fed pork and select spices in this handcrafted link. We then use apple wood chips to smoke and fully cook this sausage for the ultimate flavor. Add this sausage to your favorite chili recipe or frill and serve alongside roasted garlic and onions for a sandwich that will keep friends and family coming back for more. This also makes a perfect appetizer. Once heated, slice into bite sized pieces. Add a toothpick and serve alongside a caramelized onion dipping sauce or your favorite Bourbon BBQ sauce. A perfect flavor combination for any lunch of dinnertime dish.

Smoked Sausage with Jalapenos and Pepper Jack Cheese

Color Corrected Jalapeno-Pepperjack600x440

This is an invigorating blend of smoked sausage with zesty jalapeno peppers and real Pepper Jack cheese

Organic Zesty Italian Sausage

Silva Sausage Zesty Chicken

Our Organic Zesty Chicken Italian takes our regular Italian recipe and kicks it up a notch with some “zest.” Using the best organic spices and organic chicken, we’ve lightly smoked this link to add a subtle hint of heart hickory wood flavor. This new product can be found in every Costco located in Southern California and Hawaii; you can also order from us directly.

Hot Italian Sausage

Hot Italian 600x400RT

This sausage uses a completely unique blend of ingredients with hints of our traditional Italian recipe with a little bit of cayenne and red chili peppers to kick-up the heat.

Mild Italian Sausage

Mild Italian 600x400RT

This sausage is one of our most popular and uses a subtle blend of authentic Italian herbs, sausages. This Italian sausage is mildly spiced and perfect served straight from the grill or in a delicious Italian style sandwich.

Smoked Italian Sausage

Smoke Italian 600x400

This favorite is one of our specialties, delicately spiced with Italian herbs and slowly hickory smoked to create a distinctive taste pioneered by Silva Sausage.

Mexican Chorizo


Authentic south of the border spices including cayenne pepper and New Mexico chilies make our Mexican Chorizo second to none. This is one of our most versatile products and can be enjoyed with any meal.

Spanish Chorizo


Enhanced with old world tradition! This is one of the first sausages we produced. True to its roots, our Spanish Chorizo contains a quality blend of spices including Bay leafs and Oregano. We cure and marinate the meat for twenty-four hours before smoking it for over two hours to achieve the authentic taste of old world Spain.

Chicken Apple Sausage

Chicken Apple 600x400RT

This sausage is light and delicious, the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Real chunks of real apple and hints of cinnamon and sage make our Chicken Apple Sausage the best you can buy.


Andouille 600x400RT

Old World style mixed with a fresh new flair defines this sausage made by Silva for over two generations. In our Andouille Sausage, we combine classic sausage making with a mild and smoky blend of spices and quality meat. If you enjoy the spice of Cajun style cooking but like it on the mild side, try this one.

LA Hot Links


Our hottest link! Zesty spices and sweltering heat complement each other in this mouth-watering tender and juicy sausage. This robust link packs a punch for any spice lover.

Old Fashion Hot Dogs

Old Fashion Short 600x400RT

Our old fashion Hot Dogs are the kind that “snap” when they’re cooked. Slender and delicious, these links bring back memories of a time gone by. Our hot dogs are a traditional family favorite perfect for any occasion.

Breakfast Pork Links

Pork Breakfast 600x400RT

Fresh meat and quality spices with a hint of sage create this all time breakfast favorite. These links are perfect on their own, or in an egg scramble with red and green bell peppers.

Maple Breakfast Pork Links


Like our Breakfast Pork Link, the Maple links are another essential for any morning meal. We’ve added pure maple syrup to our already tasty pork links to give this sausage a hint of sweetness.

Irish Bangers


Our Irish Style Bangers have a softer textured casing and consist of 7.5% finely chopped bread crumbs.  These Bangers are a limited edition and can be grilled, fried, boiled or stewed. Limited Edition: Call for Availability

Fresh Uncooked Sausage

  • Breakfast Pork Links
  • Hot Italian Sausage
  • Maple Breakfast Pork Links
  • Mild Italian Sausage

Linguica & Chorizo

  • Linguica Portuguese Sausage
  • Mexican Chorizo
  • Spanish Chorizo

Smoked Chicken

  • Chicken Apple
  • Garlic Chicken

Specialty Sausage

  • Andouille
  • Irish Style Bangers
  • Italian Style Meatballs
  • LA Hot Links
  • Maple Chicken Sausage
  • Old Fashion Hot Dogs
  • Smoked Italian Sausage